Oil Field Supply in Iraq

Oil Field Supply

Oil Field Supply Al Fayhaa is one among the major Oil Field Supply companies in the region. Oil and Gas industry is the major contributor to the economic growth of Iraq. We at Al Fayhaa are always dedicated to serving the needs of this sector of the country. We cover almost all of the Oil Field Supply chain in the fields of exploration, extraction, refining, and transporting. Al Fayhaa is a well- established and reputed supplier with an experience of more than 15 years.

Being an industry that is fast developing, Oil & Gas requires the most sophisticated and technologically challenging equipment. Al Fayhaa has mastered the needs of the industry and has been helping the successful and efficient running of numerous companies that deal with it. Our customer-focused approach has enabled us to supply only the best quality tools and equipment to our clients.

We provide Oil Field products and services that are internationally accepted with ISO and API certifications. We also ensure the quality and upkeep of the products under the strict supervision of experienced engineers. We provide all kinds of oil field equipment, including drilling tools, valves, Line pipes, drill bits, Tower lights, Casing and Tubing, etc. And also everything you will need for off-road transportation & rig moves.

By providing prompt service and anticipating the growing requirements of our customers, we are always able to meet the demand. We have mastered the supply of finest products at low cost. We strive to serve the interest of our customers by providing world-class service, efficient performance, and safe operations.

We can give you the best professional service with high standards through our experience, advancements, and flexibility. We provide innovative services throughout the Middle East and part of Europe, dealing with the most basic designs to even the most complex ones.

Another important aspect of our service is excellent after-sales support and services. Along with immediate project management solutions, we also give you long-term customer support that will allow you to increase productivity and output. We only take those projects which we have the resources to complete.

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